Pop Bottle Rocket!!!

This is my rocket!!! And yes… it unfortunately has been demolished in a way, but it flew to the height time of 4 seconds! That means I got an A+! Me and my partner worked hard on it, and it was all worth it! Who knew one little bottle could eat so much air!

 I’m not supposed to tell you this but, good ways to make your rocket launch up to a ginormous height is to put a small amount of weight in the nose of the cone such as, clay, batteries, pebbles, marbles, etc.  Me and my partner used dough, and it worked awesomely!!!  We also used fins that have a steep slope, and are all four the same length and height. The results are amazing! (Wow, I never realized how much I sound like a paid programming commercial!)

Reasons why the rocket stood up so long is because of Newton’s 1st Law! Which is that the matter’s inertia stays in motion unless it is acted on by a force, such as gravity. Another reason why the rocket stood up so long is because of Newton’s 2nd Law! This Law says that the acceleration of my rocket increases as force is applied. Lastly, my rocket stood up in the air so long is because of Newton’s 3rd Law. So, this means when something is applied something will happen, so when out rocket hit the ground, the cone bent, and burst open!

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My Blog!!!

      Hello people!  If you have any advice as to help me in blog… doings… I could use some!  Well, anyway… WHAT IS UP DUDE!  If you’re bored like me, please, PlEaSe, PLEASE send a comment!  Also, if you need any help, or questions on your homework, I’m there for you! I’d be like a free tutor! 😉 BUT! I will not give you the answers, I’ll just help!

     My blog is a life giver! (in work)  It not only is multicultural (I like that word) in its little ways, but it’s helpful too because I can help you with Algebra, History, study skills, Middle School expectations, Middle School preventions, anything! (except math levels above Algebra… hehe)

Project Power!!!

  Recently, I have been working on a Balsa Wood Tower… this is an experience that I am not willing to repeat. Not only are we timed to build a tower, we have to use a limited amount of wood with the cheapest glue you can find- I apologize to the people who enjoy this, but I most certainly do not!!! The only thing I would like to experience again is destroying your life long work! (Destroying the flimsy tower!)

     What I suggest to do with building is to add as much support beams as possible! And, not only do you need support beams, I also would add as much glue as possible!!! Another suggestion I have, is to use as much time you have possible!!! DO NOT I repeat DO NOT mess around… it will affect increasingly!!!

     Well, I wish you luck if you are woking on the towers, and I challenge you to beat the weight of carrying 32 pounds!!! 

     The picture below is my tower! Yes… there are gaps and cracks, but at least it held 32 pounds… and I got an A+ on it!